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Domestic Violence Lawyer

Domestic Violence Lawyer

Arrested for a Domestic Violence crime in New York?

It might arise out of a simple argument between spouses. It might escalate into a physical altercation. Neighbors might call the cops. You might then be arrested, booked, and charged with a crime – a misdemeanor or a felony. Often the Victims might want to drop the charges. However, in New York, once you are arrested, only the Prosecutor can drop the case against you. In the meantime, you may have protective orders issued against you, prohibiting any contact with your spouse or your children. You might even be forced out of your house pending disposition of your case! In order to put an end to the nightmarish ordeal, you need me at your defense. I am an experienced criminal defense attorney ready and willing to take your side. I am bilingual in Chinese and English. I can understand your problems to come up with effective solutions. I have handled many cases for hardworking individuals arrested for domestic crimes in New York. My representation has resulted in favorable outcomes for my clients. Often I can get you off without charges or without leaving a criminal record. In order to get you the best results, call me, an experienced domestic attorney, today!

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