Withholding of Removal

By Attorney Yifei He

Withholding of Removal is similar to the relief of Asylum in that it is a form of relief granted to someone who fears persecution in their home Country on account of a protected class such as race, religion, nationality, membership in a particular social group, or political opinion. See INS v. Stevic, 467 U.S. 407 (1984)Unlike asylum however, the Burden of Proof for Withholding of Removal is higher. See INS v. Cardoza-Fonseca, 480 U.S. 421, 440 (1987)

Additionally, a Grant of Withholding of Removal does not carry the same benefits as a grant of Asylum. Notably, Withholding Grant does not lead to a green card or citizenship, a Grant does not allow one to travel outside the United States, and a Grant does not allow one to petition for one’s family members to come into the United States.

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