Why Join the Student Subscription Plan


Hello everyone. Yifei He, your immigration lawyer. Today I’ll be continuing my discussion on how we can help students. And how we can help students is through the student subscription legal plan. And many students when they first come to the United States, they don’t know that the laws are very important here. And a new regulation that just came out for international students is that U. S. C. I. S. which is the agency in charge of adjudicating all immigration benefits, just revised their guidelines and changed their determination for future benefits, for green card applications, for citizenship. Almost all types of immigration benefits. They’ve added a discretionary element to it. So that means that even if someone meets all the requirements to get a green card, to get citizenship USCIS still has the leeway to grant or deny your application. And one of the reasons that they might deny your application is for previous immigration violations. So as an immigrant coming to the United States, as a student, you might not be aware of all the intricate complexities of the laws. And so with this new subscription plan, we can guide you, we can tell you what the right thing to do is, and we won’t jeopardize your career down the road. So for example, if you’re a student and you’re trying to become a working professional, sometime in the future, or you’re trying to get a green card, then by following the rules, by being proactive in your journey, by keeping abreast of the laws, you can ensure your success and that’s why we came with the student subscription plan, so that we can be your mentors. You can lean on us. We offer unlimited consultations and we offer resource library so that you can access them yourself and make sure that you keep abreast of the guidelines. And lastly, we help you fill out the forms that’s necessary to get your work card. And we also apprise you of the deadlines as well as communicate with future employers and your school so that nothing gets stuck in the transition. So again, this is Yifei He and again, I’m trying to tell you about the student subscription plan. I’m trying to implore you to join our student subscription plan, and hope that you join me in putting the grant in immigrant. Thank you.