Introducing Lawyers for Immigrants Podcast

Hello, I am Attorney Yifei He, from the Law Office of Yifei He PLLC. I am an experienced immigration attorney and I focus my business around helping immigrants achieve American citizenship. I would like to introduce you all to my firm’s newest resource, a video podcast called “Lawyers for Immigrants.” My podcast is geared toward helping new immigrants learn how U.S. laws can benefit them and their families. I will produce this information by interviewing other lawyers who practice in all areas of law. Each week, I will conduct an interview with a fellow attorney and ask them questions on how their field of law can benefit a new immigrant, as well as additional information and resources they can provide. For example, I will interview a personal injury attorney and ask them questions on how a new immigrant can be compensated if they are injured. Additionally, in the interview process, I will be creating a network of attorneys who can refer, learn and build off of each other.