Attorney Yifei He’s Immigration Origin Story

I wasn't supposed to be here, but because I am here, I'm here for you. My name is Yifei He, I'm an immigration attorney, I use my own experiences as an immigrant to help my clients solve their most complex problems. My American story began when I was just six years old. Both my parents, College graduates from China, migrate the United States in search of better opportunities. There were Harbor American companies, and they landed on the shores of New York City. Something about Statue Liberty gave them the awe and division. This is where they wanted to be for the rest of their lives. They worked tirelessly with all the effort, just so that they can build a better future for themselves and for their children. It's all changed, However, when one day they met the lawyer. I remember walking into a dim windowless office with boxes, Sheldon top of boxes and the distinct smell of mold prevalent throughout. The lawyers spoke to my parents, promised them their papers, promise them the green cards, and eventually their citizenship. However, the lawyer failed to deliver. My parents had saved up months, often going days without an output meal. Just said they can give this man his wages. However, month passed and a letter rise in the mail. The letter stated that their case was denied. The lawyer had missed an important deadline, and as a result, they were forced into the shadows. My parents felt anxious. The press scared did either a choice to stay in the shuttles or to lead the country and leave. They did. They were banished from the United States. Fast forward to today. My parents are still in me the values of education, hard work, and the American dream. I obtained my jurist doctor from the University of Connecticut, obtain a mission to New York State Bar. In the back of my mind, this whole time, I'm thinking I would never want anybody to experience what my parents did. As a result, I open up my own practice, specializing in immigration law. Now of how I help countless individuals obtained a green cards, decision ships, and the work pieces. And most importantly of all, through my work and my representation, I helped my parents obtain what was once thought to be lost forever, a green card to come live permanently in the United States. My name is Yifei He, I’m an immigration attorney. If you have any questions about how you can achieve the American Dream, give me a call. I'm here to help you. I see your experiences as my own. We put the grant in immigrant. Thank you.