Criminal Appeal Options

Hello, everyone. Yifei He here your immigration and criminal defense attorney. We here at the law office of Yifei He specialize in criminal defense matters. We are a Downtown law firm here in Manhattan. We're here to represent you. Now imagine the following scenario. You've been arrested. You've been convicted of a crime and you're not a citizen of the United States. You went through the whole process, went to trial. You went through the whole she-bang with your previous lawyer. You have no idea what went on. But then you you now have a criminal conviction on your record. The next thing you know, you're facing deportation. The judge is saying that you committed a crime that makes you deportable. They want to take away a green card. And in some instances, they want to take it away Your citizenship too. What do you do? What do you do as an immigrant who've been convicted of a crime? Well, the first thing you is you should pick up your phone and give me a call because I specialized in post-conviction appeals and post-conviction relief. There are several options you can pursue. The first one is filing a post-conviction motion called a 440 motion. This means that your previous attorney didn't advise you on the immigration consequences of taking a plea or conviction and how that would have impact your immigration status. They're obligated to, under the Supreme Court decision of Padilla to inform you of your rights to not take a plea if you were to be deported. So I can assist with that motion. Second, you can file what is called a direct appeal. That is, You go through the records of your proceedings, you go through the trial, you go through the evidence that was submitted and finally, defects in the proceedings. I have an intimate knowledge of criminal procedure. Because I've been through multiple trials and I've been through multiple appeals. I can assist you with finding if you can overturn your appeal, vacate your conviction. My name is you, Yifei He. We put the Grant in immigrant. We're here to represent you in your immigration and criminal defense matters. Thank you very much for contacting us.