Features of the Student Subscription Program

Hello everyone Yifei He, your immigration lawyer. And today I'll be continue talking about the benefits of the subscription program that I'm introducing. And with this subscription
program the concrete benefits are there. So the first thing is you get a dedicated lawyer who is a specialist in immigration law on call 24/7 for you. And by being part of the
subscription program you can yourself be a pro active participant in this journey as an international student in the United States. We offer a library resources that you yourself can
actively read about peruse and basically solidify your knowledge about what you need to do to maintain your status and to transition to the next stage of your development as a working
professional maybe or as an academic. The future is limitless. And additionally with the subscription program you prevent the worst case scenario from happening: falling out of status
or not fullfiling a requirement. Or missing a deadline. By having someone on call, we can coordinate with your Student Office to make sure that all the forms are properly in your hands
and we can also fill out the forms for you, so that we make sure that the form is done properly, that it won't get rejected. And if you need to change or extend or to even reinstate
your status, if you accidentally fell out, we can do that. We will advise you how to do it properly. And last, the benefits of the program are enormous because without having someone
you can call on you would not know that you can bring your family here while you're studying. You wouldn't know, you can travel back to your home country and visit your family and you
wouldn't know that if we didin't cover one of the services which weren't part of this subscription program, you can have someone on call for, as a proven advocate for you so you can be
safe. No matter what, you wouldn't have to worry. We take the way you out of your studies, so you can focus on your studies. So again, this is Yifei He, your immigration lawyer, we put
the grant in immigrant. Thank you.