Unbundled Attorney

Hello. This is Yifei He, your immigration attorney. Previously I talked about all these different services that immigration attorneys provide. For example, we provide with family sponsorship. We can provide employment sponsorship. We can help with asylum defense, federal court litigation and appeals, but I what I didn’t talk about, and which is, I think, very relevant to people’s needs is the scope of services that I provide. As a matter of fact, my scope of services are really different from the traditional attorneys, especially the immigration attorneys’ scope of Legal Services. I consider my services, I term it, “unbundles legal services,” and I learned this term from a company that currently partnered up with that provides these services to folks around the country. They provide unbundled legal services in the area of family law and immigration law.
So, what is unbundled legal services? It’s when say a traditional attorney would offer a flat fee retainer of say five to ten thousand dollars for a legal matter. We also offer that option where we can tell folks that you can retain us for all your matters or for only a part of your matters. For example, and this is a good example, because I actually worked with a client on this, is the issue of family sponsorship. So you want to sponsor your fiancé to the US and become a US citizen. So that’s a very complicated process you would have to fill out forms, have them interviewed at the consulate in their home country, have them have another interview. Once you arrive here, have them wait a few years to get their papers and then finally apply for citizenship. This is a lengthy process and a traditional immigration attorney will probably guide you throughout the whole process charge a flat fee of $10,000 and you’ll get maybe a few phone calls every couple of months and you know, hopefully your case out well. But what and unbundled attorney does is that they provide you, they empower you to fill out the forms yourselves, to attend to the interview yourself, to educate you about the legal processes that you have to follow. Essentially you would be your own advocate and you would pay a fraction of the cost because the attorney themselves will not enter representation and that would just take away the vast majority of the costs associated with legal liability or mandated court appearances and attorney-client communications that might or might not be fruitful. So essentially what I offer compared to the rest of the country is unbundled legal services, which can save you time, money, and can be overall more effective in your legal problems. So if obviously the issue I just explained; what family immigration might not apply to everyone in this room, but I’m sure that one of us has some legal issues that they need help with, but they don’t want to see an attorney for which they don’t even need to seek an attorney for. So, I encourage you to find out more about unbundled legal services by contacting me, Yifei He. My phone number is 917-477-7818 or you can email me at info@YifeiHeLaw.com. Again, my name is Yifei He. I’m your immigration attorney. I offer unbundled legal services as well as full scope representation. Thank you very much.