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As a major, international metropolis, New York City is no stranger to foreign workers taking on professional jobs on U.S. soil. When those jobs are in a managerial or in an executive capacity, workers may qualify for a temporary, L-1A visa. An L-1A visa is specifically for managers or executives making transfers from one country to another, within the same company.

Our lawyer can help you obtain and manage your L-1A work visa. Immigration law is complicated and fluctuates with each Presidential administration. As an immigrant himself, Attorney Yifei He is intimately familiar with the difficulties of the immigration process. He can use his personal experience and legal knowledge to help you secure work and stay in the country.

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L-1A Visas

Oftentimes, a company wishes to send a foreign manager or executive to an American branch to help manage the office. Perhaps a foreign expert can help establish a new office on American soil. If you are that manager or executive, you can work in the States with a temporary, L-1A visa.

For qualified employees looking to establish a new office in the United States, these work visas initially last for one year. For all others, the initial eligibility is three years. Applicants also have the option to reapply twice for two-year extensions. With this visa, you could potentially be free to work in the U.S. for a maximum of seven years.

To qualify, you must show that you have been with your company, in a managerial or executive position, for at least one year prior to your transfer. Your position should be one that operates with little to no oversight. Essentially, you should be able to exercise wide latitude in discretionary decision-making. An L-1A therefore would not apply to a lower-level employee.

Staying Permanently

Many workers who come to the States, particularly to New York City, fall in love with the country and want to stay. In most situations, an L-1A expires before you are eligible to apply for a green card. However, there are many other ways to stay in the country. One natural pathway to a Green Card for the L-1A would be the EB-1C for a Multinational Manager or Executive. Attorney Yifei He has helped many clients become U.S. citizens. With his skill and knowledge, he may be able to help you discover options for staying in the states and becoming a natural citizen.

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