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Especially in recent years, the legal process has become rife with challenges, delays, and red tape. Furthermore, policies and procedures change on a regular basis, and knowing how to effectively navigate the system requires years of practice, in-depth involvement, and extensive trial experience.

But it takes more than skill and rigorous training to deliver effective legal counsel and advocacy. It requires a personal understanding of what you’re going through as someone facing the system. Therefore, we are fully committed to standing by your side—every step of the way.

At The Law Office of Yifei He, PLLC, our lawyer understands the stress of your situation and how high the stakes may be. His goal is to help you access the benefits and opportunities you need and deserve. We will fight for you every step of the way to ensure you succeed in your legal journey. Contact us today for your consultation.

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The Law Office of Yifei He, PLLC is backed by years of experience and rigorous training. Even more critically, our lead attorney has a deep, personal understanding of the entire legal process, and he knows what may be at stake if you don’t succeed.

Case Results

Plea Deal

Successfully negotiated a Plea Deal for an Immigrant charged with selling heavy narcotics (a deportable offense) to a simple Disorderly Conduct Violation (without the risk of deportation).

Motion to Reopen

Granted Motion to Reopen a Removal Order entered over 20 years ago. Applicant was accorded Humanitarian Relief in the U.S. and also faced Changed Country Conditions if forced to return Home.

Removal of Conditions

Successfully petitioned removal of conditions on a Marriage Green Card for a same sex couple after detailed Request for Evidence.

Waiver Application Approved

Waiver Application

Secured Client’s Release

Bail Reduction

Obtained Green Card

Adjustment of Status

Won Political Asylum


Case Dismissed

Felony Charges


Cases We Handle in the State of New York

We offer legal services for matters involving the State and Appellate Courts of New York as well as the Federal Agencies of the United States Government. Each of these organizations is incredibly well-resourced, and we urge you to let us support you during your legal journey. The smallest error or a single missed deadline can result in jeopardizing your case.

Here are a few of the most common types of cases we handle:

  • Crimmigration—the intersection of crime and immigration law. Many immigrants and nonimmigrants have found themselves navigating this terrain because of how the smallest forms of misconduct can result in deportation. Our attorney can help you protect your rights, freedom, and legal status for years to come.
  • Criminal Defense – after being charged with a crime in New York, you need an experienced defense attorney who can ensure that your case is given the time and attention it deserves. Our results-oriented approach means we won’t back down in the face of a challenge. No matter what your charges entail, we are prepared to build an aggressive defense against the prosecution as we fight to have your charges dropped or reduced.
  • Deportation/removal defensestrategies to help you delay or overturn a removal order. If you receive a notice informing you that the court has initiated your removal proceeding, you will need dedicated advocacy. We can help you find evidence that supports your eligibility to remain in the U.S., representing you in court as needed.

While we focus heavily on crimmigration cases, we possess the knowledge and skills needed to help you accomplish a wide range of goals. To solve our clients’ most pressing problems, we invest the time and resources needed to develop a value-driven approach. This produces better results, reduced costs, and an unparalleled quality of legal service.

We offer same-day appointments. Give our office a call at 1 (917) 338-7678 or contact us online to get started today.

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With the help of Yifei, your immigration case will immediately become simple, fast, and complete.

"Yifei’s office has my full recommendation! I highly recommend all my friends and family to reach out to his office if they are seeking counsel. Yifei is knowledgeable, reliable, patient and efficient. He has a genuine interest in helping. Having Yifei as your immigration lawyer, you do not..."

- Fen Liu

Excellent and Professional.

"Excellent and Professional. Approved Petition."

- Past Client

Very professional. Walked us through the entire process.

"Helped us avoid any issues with calm. deliberate advice. Highly recommended."

- Former Client

I was assisted immediately and my case has been resolved pretty soon after.

"Mr. He and his team are pretty responsive and thorough. Highly recommend."

- Former Client

I would recommend Attorney He to anyone in need of a good lawyer.

"I would recommend attorney He to anyone in need of a good lawyer. He is a very nice person. He could always answer my questions and give me professional advice. He helped me won my asylum case. His fees are very reasonable and flexible."

- Past Client

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  • Experienced

    Our attorney specializes in many areas of law, and has extensive trial experience.

  • Empathetic

    Our attorney is heavily connected to your personal struggles.

  • Multilingual

    Our team is multilingual and service our clients in their language.

  • Affordable

    We offer no-obligation consultations and payment plans!

  • Licensed

    Admitted to practice in all State and Federal Courts of New York, Connecticut, and Massachusetts.

  • Dedication

    You will get a dedicated lawyer who is there at every step of the way, to ensure you succeed.

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