Crimmigration Defense

Hello, everyone. Yifei He your criminal and immigration lawyer. Now imagine the following situation. You've been charged with a crime or you've been convicted of a crime and you're not a citizen of the United States. Are you worried? Are you scared? Are you trying to find the best help that you can possibly find? Well, I can tell you that my specialty is crimmigration law. That is, I represent individuals who are immigrants in the United States, charged with crimes. I've only done this for approximately 10 years, but I know for a fact, that immigrants who are charged with crimes have significantly less rights than U.S. citizens. As a matter of fact, you might have been convicted of a crime. Served your sentence. And yet you've been still placed in immigration jail. That means a sentence on the top of your sentence. And even though you've done your time, you've been rehabilitated, they still want to take you out of the country. So what do you do then? I can tell you from my experience, that I represented a lot of individuals who've been detained by ICE, post incarceration and we fought for them. We fought for their right to stay in the U. S. For example, we've had their custody determination hearings, which means that instead of being in ICE detention, they've had home stays. They've had ankle bracelets. They've had work papers given to them while their deportation is pending. We've also instituted stay of deportations against individuals in ICE detention. So that based on their appeal, for example, they can stay here fighting their case, so that they can become U.S. citizens down the road. My name is Yifei He. I'm an immigration lawyer. I'm a criminal defense lawyer. I'm here to fight for your rights no matter what stage you're at in the immigration process. Thank you very much. Yifei He.