E-2 Visa

Hello everyone Yifei He your immigration lawyer. Today I'll be talking about an option for investors and entrepreneurs to come into the United States and start their business. And what I'm talking about of course, is the E 2 visa and the E 2 Visa is a treaty investor visa for most countries in the world to come to the United States to start up businesses. Start up entrepreneurs to come in and fund their own business and have a Visa and begin generating profits with legal standing. So a E 2 Visa basically is a nonimmigrant Visa, which means that it's non permanent, it can't lead to a green card but it can be extended indefinitely for two years at a time. And with the E 2 visa you're able to come to the US to start a business and to hire people and to generate profits and make a living not just for yourself but for the greater U. S. Economy. And this Visa is really great because you get to travel outside the US go on business trips, get to have your wife and Children to come in. They can themselves work and any job and you, yourself can have the time and dedication to support your own needs. So what are the requirements? Well, first of all, you have to invest a substantial amount of money in an active enterprise. And the enterprise can be a consulting firm, where you could only invest a small amount of money versus a manufacturing plant, where you have to invest a lot of money. And the amount of money you invest will ultimately depend on the type of industry you choose to invest in. And so it's good to have a discussion with a business planning professional, introduced by your lawyer, before you begin your E 2 hunt. And also you have to be actively investing. It cannot be a passive investment. You can't just put a million dollars in the bank and then expect interest to accrue. You would have to actually run the business and run the operations. Go outside and solicit clients. And do the day to day. And For the E 2, you have to show that the money that you would generate from the business would not be marginal. That means it wouldn't just support you. But it would also lead to you hiring employees. It will lead to you expanding the business down the road. And the E 2 Visa is very favored in the U. S. Immigration system because it leads to jobs, especially in this pandemic time when we need jobs. And we've done plenty of E 2s in our firm and we're able to help you get an E 2 Visa. So you can build your American dream. We put the grant in immigrant. Yifei He, thank you very much.