Student Subscription Program

Hello everyone Yifei He, your immigration lawyer. We here at the Law Office of Yifei He specialize in immigration law. And today I'll be talking about a very special program that we're introducing called the subscription program geared towards students. And the reason I came up with this program is because I myself was once a student, an international student here in the United States. I was on a F-1 program and I had to pay the hefty tuition fees. And I also had a lot of legal problems that I didn't know where to turn to for guidance. As immigration lawyer now, specializing in immigration law in New York City, I'm here to provide solid advice for international students. And the way we do this is we provide you with the guidance throughout your journey as a student here in the US. You can call us whenever you want, have unlimited consultations. If you have any issues that arise, you can pitch it by us. If you have any liaison assistance that's needed between us and your school, we can step in, and schools are often happy to talk to lawyers who are professionals, especially in immigration law. And if you need to, for example, change your status or apply for a work card, we're here to do that as well. Basically you have us on call 24/7, as as a subscriber, and you also have access yourself to a vast library of resources which you can access. And over the years we found that common student issues can easily be solved if they were proactive about it. And as you know, the immigration law in the US is extremely complex. And by solving your problems proactively, by having someone on call, you can speak with, that you can rely
on and that can guide you in the right direction, you won't run into really bad situations. Where, for example, you got a job offer and but then you've violated one condition of your student status and you cannot take that job offer and you essentially have to leave the United States. So by subscribing to our services, you're guaranteeing yourself, ensuring
yourself, success as an international student in the United States. And, the way our program works is that you pay a low monthly fee, or a flat annual fee, and we can talk about that more during the consultation, and you have access to us as as your professionals, as your lawyers. So if you're interested in this program, contact us today. You can schedule an
appointment on my link or you can just give us a call to have us assist you. This is Yifei He your immigration lawyer. We put the grant in immigrant. Thank you.