Violence Against Women Act (VAWA)

Not every relationship ends in a happy ending. My name is Yifei He and I am an immigration Lawyer. Now imagine the following situation. You meet the man or woman of your dreams. You give up everything you know. You leave your home country and you move to the United States. But the relationship ends abusive. The person, the man of your dreams, abuses you. They curse at you. They throw you out of your home. They throw all your clothes into the garbage. You have nowhere to go. And they the use as leverage, the fact that you're not a citizen, that you're an immigrant, that you need papers. What do you do in that situation? Are you completely helpless? Are you a victim? Are you hopeless? The answer is no. There's a category of visas called the VAWA, or violence against women act that you can apply for. With that, if you can prove that you've been subject to extreme hardship by the U. S. Citizen or LPR lawful permanent resident, spouse or parent, you're able to apply for your own papers. You have to show that you enter the marriage into good faith, that you're a person of good moral character. That means you haven't been arrested before. And if you're able to satisfy these criteria, you can get your green card. You get work authorization while the green card is pending. You could ultimately be self sustaining in your journey to become a U S citizen and self sustaining your journey to become an independent person. Here in the law office of Yifei He, we handle a lot of VAWA applications. Most recently, way got approved a VAWA application for a male applicant who suffered abuse by his wife. And with that approval, he was able to vacate an order of removal that was entered against him over 20 years ago by the US government. This just shows the power of the VAWA application. How it can reverse your life situation, no matter where you came from. Again, My name is Yifei He and we put the GRANT in immigrant. Thank you very much.