Adjustment of Status Processing

By Attorney Yifei He

Processing of your Adjustment of Status Application proceeds along the following lines:

  1. Submission of relevant USCIS Adjustment of Status Forms
  2. USCIS sends out Receipt Letter
  3. USCIS schedules a Biometrics Appointment
  4. If any Interviews are required, USCIS will schedule one with a Notice of Action Letter
  5. If approved, USCIS will notify you in writing. It is therefore best to maintain accurate contact information.

Detailed Processing Times vary by USCIS Office and Jurisdiction. For the most accurate Processing Times information, please visit the Official USCIS Website. As always, please contact me for legal assistance. I have handled many successful cases in the past. I will eliminate remaining concerns about your immigration status. Schedule your initial consultation with me today, so I can help you solve your problem!