BAHA – Buy American Hire American

Hello everyone. Yifei He here, your immigration lawyer. Today, I'll be talking about a recent trend in immigration, which is the BAHA or buy American hire American act signed by trump years ago. And what BAHA is that It's a restrictionist policy eliminating the amount of visas given to foreign workers and foreign students. Putting Americans first is the purported purpose of BAHA. The actual impact was substantial difficulties imposed upon immigrants coming to the US. Some example would be a foreign student would have to demonstrate that they're just coming to study and they're maintaining current residents in their home country. And as a student it's very difficult to maintain a residence because you're obviously exploring your career. So an officer would have rejected applications based on your lack of permanent residence in your home country. Notwithstanding the fact that you're a student. Another example for BAHA, for the L Visas, the E visas, all the business visas. The officers had a very difficult time granting those. They would often issue multiple requests for evidence, asking you to provide extensive documentation to prove the eligibility. This would be very difficult for some and very costly for most. The good news is that President Biden overruled BAHA. And in his new inauguration he passed an act called Ensuring the Future is Made by All of America. And this makes it substantially easier for immigrants to get work visas, to get student visas, to come here and live fulfilling lives. As an immigration lawyer, want to encourage you to apply for your benefits, to come out of the shadows, and to seek protection and seek your rights. I'm here to help you. My name is Yifei He. We put the grant immigrants. I look forward to helping you with your case. Thank you.