Benefits of the Student Subscription Program

Hello everyone. Yifei He your immigration lawyer. And today I'll be continuing my discussion on the benefits of a Student Subscription Program. So imagine you, as a student coming into
the United States, your dreams and your future wide open ahead of you. But one catch is that you have to run into the intricacies and complexities of the U. S. Immigration system.
Because as an international student you have to maintain your status and keep abreast of the immigration laws. And guess what, your student international office is not there to help
you. They have countless other students to deal with, you're pretty much just a number to them. So that is why you need an attorney on your side. And us as immigration specialists
offering the subscription program will help you, will guide you, on your way to success as an international student. So you only have to worry about studying and not about the laws
surrounding your studies. So basically what happens is a lot of students come to us, after they've had issues with falling out of status. For example, they missed the deadline applying
for a work card, as a result they fell out of student status. Or they missed the deadline to change their status to another status. And as a result, once again, they fall out of status.
And the thing with immigration law is that if you're out of status for more than six months, you're banned for three years from ever coming back. If you're out of status for over a
year, you're banned for 10 years. That's a draconian measure. And students are also subject to the laws. Unfortunately. That is why we want to help students. And as an international
student once myself, I'm here to help you with the Student Subscription Program. So if you're interested in learning more about how we can help you, how we can serve you, gives a call
the Law Office of Yifei He we put the grant in immigrant. Thank you.