Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA)

Let me tell you a story about Children who were brought here at a very young age. Some of them brought here as little as one year old to the United States. Are these Children who don't have papers considered illegal immigrants? My name is Yifei He I'm an Immigration Attorney. Today I'll be talking about the recent DACA decision in the Supreme Court. As everyone knows, the Supreme Court ruled 5 to 4 that Obama's DACA program is legal and Trump cannot arbitrarily end it.. And this is a story about success. It's a story about people who are not illegal immigrants, people who are not categorically excluded from the benefits of this Country. And people who are entitled to share in the wealth that different cultures bring to the United States of America. These people, DACAs, they number over half a million people. And they're educated, contributing member of society. Some of them have jobs in places like Apple Microsoft, some of them have families here, have siblings who are citizens. And all they want is to, not wake up one day, and suddenly be taken out of their homes by ICE and sent back to a place where they don't speak the language and where they don't understand the culture, and where they don't belong. They belong here in the United States, and the decision yesterday where they ruled that these people are legal, they're not just numbers, was a major step in the right direction for this Country. Not only did it allow these people to remain here. It also gave them options. Some of these options included adjusting their status. Once they marry someone, they will become green card holders. They can find a job here. They could even travel back to their home countries with Advanced Parole, which is a document given for medical and humanitarian reasons that they can use to visit their families back home. And this recent decision is just one small step for the fight for increasing immigrant rights, which I specialize in. I specialize in immigration law. I help people get their papers. I give the grant in immigrant My name is Yifei He. Thank you very much.