H1B Visa

Hello everyone Yifei He your immigration lawyer. Today I'll be talking about the H1B Visa, which is a non immigrant work visa for people to come to the US to find employment. What separates the H1B is that you have to have specialized knowledge of your field and you generally have to have at least a bachelor's degree to qualify for the H1B. Generally doctors or scientists, if they were hired by a hospital, they can qualified for H1B Visa. But if you're a skilled worker, you can also qualify even if you don't have the educational degrees. But the H1B visa is sort of the first pathway for many individuals from to come to the US to find work here. And the H1B Visa itself, it can be extended for up to six years. During that six year period, you get to work, you get to live here, you get to basically build a life here. And then during that six year period, you can possibly extend your H1B Visa to a permanent visa by following certain processes, which we won't get to in this video. But for the H1B Visa in 2020, there's been a recent logistical change. Whereas before the H1B Visa, you have to go through a lottery process to be selected. You gotta prepare a lengthy application. And then if you were selected, you can then proceed. Now, USCIS, which is the agency in charge of administering these visas, have you be put in a lottery first, and then if you're selected, if you're drawn, each year there's 85,000 H1B Visa winners, then you can proceed. And obviously each year there's tons of applicants for H1B Visas. Many multiples of the 85,000 allowed. And so it's very difficult to be selected. But if you are selected, then you can proceed to the next steps which involve first, obtaining a prevailing wage determination from the Department of Labor, which means that you have to, make a determination that one, you're getting paid for for the work you're doing and it's on par with the wage everybody else is getting paid for. And two, that you're working enough hours to meet those criteria. So you got to go through one department and then once you get that prevailing wage determination, you submit that to the U. S. C. I. S. And with your application, if you're overseas you have to go to the consulate to get a visa. If you're within the U. S. And you're in valid status, you can automate adjust to the H1B Visa and start working. So obviously the process is very complicated. You need an experienced immigration lawyers to guide you through the initial registration, as well as the final steps to qualify for work. But I'm here to help you. And my name is Yifei He. We put the grant in Immigrant. Thank you.