Immigration Under Biden

Hello, everyone Yifei He your immigration lawyer. With the new year comes a new administration, of Joe Biden. One of the key issues of this administration is the issue of immigration. The problem with immigration the U. S. is that there's a huge population of illegal immigrants. Studies show that there's over 10 million illegal immigrants living in the United States. That's just over 3% of the population. And how do you become an illegal immigrant? You can travel through the border, the Rio Grande Valley, and come without papers, without inspection. Just be living here for years. You could have status at one point, but then, having expired status at present. For example, you have worked. But now you don't, then you become an illegal immigrant. And then what happens with these illegal immigrants is that they lose the benefits of the United States. They don't have access to health care. For instance, without a Social security number, they don't have access to identification. And they don't have access to a tax ID Number. So the money they make when they make money here in the US, which everybody does, is that they don't pay taxes and everybody gets poorer, as a result. The population, the DACA population, which is the deferred action for childhood arrivals, which numbers about one million of the 10 million illegal immigrants in the United States. The DACAs alone, they contribute over $40 billion to the United States. So excluding the DACAs, multiply one million by 10 million. That's over $400 billion that these people, the illegal immigrants, are not reporting to the government. So the only solution is eventually to legalize the illegal immigrants. So that the government gets richer, the economy gets documented. And the U.S. economy goes on the upward trend, which is necessary right now especially with COVID. And the solution is to start with the DACA recipients. First of all, you gotta put a pathway to citizenship for these one million individuals who came here as Children. Second, you have to expand the DACA program to include not only these Children, but also their parents. And third, you have to expand the flexibilities with which these DACA recipients are given. Right now they're only given to people who came in at a certain age, who came at a certain point in time. Who can prove their presence. If you could expand flexibilities. Those 10 million illegal immigrants will all become legal immigrants at some point in time. And those people have been living here for decades, will no longer have to hide in the shadows. Again, my name is Yifei He. I'm an immigration lawyer. I'm on top of the developments in immigration law, especially with Biden administration. We're here to help you put the GRANT in immigrant. Thank you.