L-1 Visa

Hello everyone Yifei He, your immigration lawyer. Today I'll be talking about the L 1 visa. And what the L 1 visa is is it that allows individuals from overseas especially people who work for a company in an executive or managerial capacity or who have special specialized knowledge to either set up a branch in the U. S. of a foreign company, or to transfer their employment to a branch that has already set up. And the two difference between the L 1 is the L 1 A. And L 1 B. The L 1 A is only available to people in an executive or managerial capacity. That means your position in the company has to be high level. You have to delegate work for people. You can't be a low level employee. You have broad discretion to set a company policy. And you manage personnel. So that's the L1A. The other criterias L 1 B. Which means you have specialized knowledge in your field. For example you're a scientist from overseas and you're trying to transfer to the U. S. And the L1 in general, you can a get one year visa to start, to set up base, and it can be extended each time up to two years for a total of seven years. So essentially you get seven years of non immigrant work in the US with the Visa. And during those seven years you can actually transfer to a green card through either proving that you have an extraordinary ability based on your credentials and your work experience, you're a skilled worker based on your experience, or you're a multinational manager, meaning that you work between two companies one overseas and one in the U. S. And you have the executive capacity which I mentioned previously. And the L 1 Visa is a great tool for overseas individuals especially professionals coming into the US, and we've worked with people with L 1 as well as transferring L 1 to the green cards. So if you have any questions about the L 1 Visa, we can help you, We can help you get started, we can help you extend your L 1 Visa and we put the grant in immigrant. Thank you.