USCIS Reopens with New Guidelines for Asylum Applicants

By The Law Office of Yifei He, PLLC

USCIS has announced that, beginning June 4, 2020, it will resume some in-person services that were suspended due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The asylum office will automatically reschedule delayed asylum interviews, sending notices to applicants regarding the interview details. In addition to time and date, these details will include new COVID-19-related precautions.

Interview Protocol for Asylum Applicants

According to the current social distancing guidelines in the United States, the asylum office is expected to conduct video interviews, where the applicants and the interviewing officer will sit in two separate rooms within the facility. Additionally, interviewees must follow the general guidelines for entering the USCIS facilities. Please remember that it is mandatory to wear facial coverings when attending the interview. USCIS may reschedule your interview if you do not have one.

Who Can & Must Attend the Interview?

It is important to know who else may or must attend the interview with the asylum applicant. USCIS mentioned that affirmative asylum interviewees must bring all immediate family members listed as dependents on the application. For example, the applicant’s children or spouse are required to attend if they are listed as dependents.

Additionally, an applicant who does not speak English must bring an interpreter. For non-detained credible or reasonable fear interviews, applicants must bring any family members listed on the interview notice.

The following people are permitted (but not required) to attend the interview:

  • Representative (such as the applicant’s attorney)
  • Witness
  • Individual providing disability accommodations
  • “Trusted adult” if an applicant is a minor

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